05 mai 2005


Voilà que dès a présent vous pouver vous rendre sur le tout nouveau site de Stanley Donwood pour y pêcher quelques artworks gratuitement ou pour en acheter d'autres.

Stanley: "FOR THE FIRST TIME, you can buy screenprints of some of the pictures I've done. They are all limited editions, hand-printed by myself and you would not believe how long they took to make. They're all signed and numbered.

There are also various sorts of publications that I've either written or had some sort of involvement with.

There will be more THINGS added to the Manufactory as they're made. More prints, definitely. A spoken-word Compact Disc, definitely. More books, probably. And something extremely weird, eventually. I cannot say anything about the weird THING as it is a secret at the moment. Send your guesses in, please."

Donc en gros que du bonheur pour vos petits yeux et même à la clé un CD.