09 juin 2003

Ed O'Brien : Nigel dragged us out to L.A because he'd done three records there - two with Beck, one with Travis. We'd always been hesitant about working in Los Angeles because - let's face it - Radiohead mixing in with the Hotel California mind-set doesn't sound like a potential marriage made in heaven. But we quickly realized you can function out there without becoming tarnished by whatever else going on there. It was the best recording experience we ever had. We finished one song each day we were booked. We didn't over-scrutinize. We didn't get too cerebral. We trusted in ourselves, Nigel, the studio and the songs and just let go, really
sur hmv.co.uk, où on peut acheter une édition spéciale propre au magasin, qui appartient à EMI. merci à Damien (et bon anniversaire).