07 juillet 2004

à traduire plus tard : > Xfm's annual X list mega-poll is back, where you tell us what is your
> favourite music of all time. Last year, Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android'
> made it to the number 34 spot. The band also had entries on number 9 with
> 'Street Spirit', 13 with 'Creep', 17 with 'Just', 24 with 'Idioteque', 34
> with 'Fake Plastic Trees', 41 with 'Everything In It's Right Place', 51
> with 'The National Anthem', 56 with 'Karma Police', and 66 with 'My Iron
> Lung'.
> The most popular 104 songs from this year's poll will make up our
> shortlist which will be played out in full on August Bank Holiday.
> Vote now for the chance to win 104 Xfm gig tickets and help Radiohed beat
> their number 4 spot.
> For more details, go to:
> http://www.xfm.co.uk/Article.asp?id=30199